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As you will see from the news to the right, all our forthcoming activities have had to be cancelled or postponed.  But this doesn't mean that you need to live in a cultural desert in the meantime!  Many arts organisations are offering access to lectures, exhibitions and performances on line.  Here are some ideas to try:

And now here is the more usual content of this website .......

We are one of over 360 societies throughout the UK and mainland Europe which opens up the world of art in all its forms, through inspiring monthly lectures, illustrated with state of the art images and delivered by experts.  The Assembly Rooms in the centre of the Cathedral City of Chichester provide a spacious and pleasing venue, where there is a warm welcome for members and visitors over a cup of coffee before each sixty minute lecture.  Whatever your particular interests, you cannot fail to be entertained and informed.

There is also a programme of visits to stately homes, museums, exhibitions and places which reflect our cultural heritage where everything from coach travel and guides to refreshment stops is arranged with your comfort in mind.  There are also extended tours when you may visit a city or area over several days for a planned programme in the company of like minded travellers.

From time to time a day of Special Interest or Study Day is arranged either by individual societies or by The Arts Society Sussex Area. These days provide an opportunity to look at one subject, for example glass, watercolour painting or porcelain, in greater detail. Alternatively a themed visit might be offered including a tour, a lecture and a performance for example.

For those who like a hands on approach there are groups to join involving Conservation and Restoration projects, Arts Volunteering and Church Recording.  Those who decide to explore these options often discover new interests which are not only fun but have the added bonus of being of great value to the wider community.

News and Forthcoming Events

All members were sent an initial letter from our Chairman, Betty Smith, concerning the society's approach to the Coronavirus crisis.  A copy can be viewed here.  She undertook to update members monthly.  Her end of March update can be found here and her end of April update here.

So far our March, April, May and June lectures and the visits to Christ's Hospital, Wilton House and Sherbourne Castle have been postponed or cancelled.  "Dance in Art", the day of special interest being planned jointly with the Lavant Valley Society, has also been cancelled.   All other planned activities are being kept under review. 

Do keep an eye on the Gallery for photos of visits and tours

The most recent Arts Society Highlights can be viewed here.  The highlights are issued monthly and supplement the material printed in the magazine. 

There is also a new offer from the Arts Society called "Instant Experts".  You can find links to the latest topics here.  Alternatively you can subscribe yourself - details here


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