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23 January 2020Artemesia Gentileschi: Daughter of Rome, Painter of Europe
27 February 2020"Great Lengths"
26 March 2020History of Stained Glass
30 April 2020Catherine de Medici - poor Queen, story of three in a marriage
28 May 202018th - 20th century Scottish Artists
25 June 2020Downton to Gatsby, design of jewellery for the famous
24 September 2020Packing up the Nation - hiding Britain's treasures before the Second World War
22 October 2020The Normans' Conquest and Legacy
26 November 2020The History of Wine

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Artemesia Gentileschi: Daughter of Rome, Painter of Europe Chantal Brotherton-Radcliffe Thursday 23 January 2020

A rare woman painter who ranked amongst the greatest painters of the 17th century. This lecture considers her training in the male world of the roman studio and explores her skills in painting in a style which is individual but which put her in the forefront wherever in Europe she found herself.