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28 February 2019The History of Cartoons
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26 September 2019Convents and Courtesans
17 October 2019Picasso and his muses: L'amour Fou
28 November 2019Old Father Thames: The River in Art

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The History of Cartoons Ian Keable Thursday 28 February 2019

The first time the word cartoon was used in the sense that we know it today was in 1843 in Punch magazine.  But the employment of satire, caricature, speech bubbles and the writing of captions had been around long before then.  In this talk Ian tracks the early stages of cartoons and how, through the works of Hogarth and James Gillray, they gradually evolved into the familiar format of today’s newspapers and magazines.  Copious illustrations abound from masters of their craft such as John Tenniel, John Leech, David Low, Vicky, Ronald Searle, Heath Robinson, Giles and, bringing it right up to date, with Gerald Scarfe, Steven Bell and Peter Brookes.