Heritage Volunteers give significant help to museums, historic houses, galleries and libraries.  Within the Sussex Area volunteers are helping at Arundel Castle, Worthing Museum, Brighton Pavilion, Cowdray, the Weald and Downland Living Museum, Newhaven Fort and Petworth House.  Volunteers can choose how many hours and how often they can commit to any project.  Activities range from cleaning glass and silver to guiding and stewarding or cataloguing books and images, repairing textiles and even cleaning suits of armour.

Occasionally Study Days are organised to introduce volunteers to projects. For example an Arms and Armour Conservation Day was held at the Wallace Collection in 2013 where Heritage Volunteers were able to gain hands-on experience in conservation under the guidance of the Wallace conservation team.

Current Opportunities


At the moment, there are around a dozen of us from four Societies stewarding in the Medieval Clothing Exhibition in Lower Crawley Hall, on the Market Square, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The Museum would like to increase this to include Wednesday afternoons. I cannot rota this without more Stewards.

The clothing is hand made by the Museum’s sewing group from wool and linen, the material which was available to artisan workers, and is shown on figures in the hall for the public to examine and a few items for children to try on. We explain the different items, how they are made, dyed and sourced, given that little clothing survived 40 years wear! We do not wear the clothing ourselves but it is worn by Stewards in many of the houses and for films made at the Museum.

Training is on site and at meetings in the Museum. We work from 1pm to 5pm in pairs, but can steward on our own if happy to do so. Coffee and tea is available in the Hall and as volunteers we get 10% off any shop purchases. I will organize a morning or afternoon coffee meeting in Lower Crawley Hall for anyone interested, to look at the clothing and to meet Lucy Hockley who is the Head of Interpretation, for you to see what you think.

Do join us, we have fun, the public is always interesting and as a group we have the occasional lunch together. If I can recruit more volunteers, I am not asking for more than an afternoon per month.

Mrs.Gillian Wilson
The Grove House,Little Bognor
Fittleworth RH20 1JT
Tel . 01798 865569