Young Arts in The Arts Society covers a very wide range of activities and projects. The main contributions from the City of Chichester society are in sponsorship of various arts projects in schools. We also help to sponsor a student at West Dean College under the auspices of The Arts Society Sussex area.  The latest Sussex Area Young Arts newsletter can be found here.

Recent and Current Projects

The Royal Society of British Artists 2019/20

For the third consecutive year  Bishop Luffa School have been successful in having a piece of student's work chosen for the 2020 RBA Exhibitions in London. 'Urban Perspective' by  Toby Richardson  was the student's work chosen, shown right. Toby, Helen Friend and her team in the art department and the school are to be congratulated on this wonderful achievement again. Details of the exhibitions are as follows:

Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1 - Wednesday 19th February – Saturday 29th February, - Exhibition open, 10am to 5pm daily.  Closes 5pm Saturday 29th February - Mall Galleries Exhibition Private View: Wednesday 19th February (Galleries open 11am for viewing, official opening and prize giving start at 6pm).  

Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL), St James’ Street SW1A 1LR, London – Thursday 5th March - Sunday 19th April  ROSL exhibition Private View: Thursday 5 March, 6 – 8 pm,  Exhibition open at Over-Seas House London 11am – 6pm daily, Staffed 11 – 5pm Monday – Friday

A New project with Bishop Luffa School

As part of the society’s continuing support of the Art Department at Bishop Luffa School, we are sponsoring Art Starter Kits for the Art A level and GCSE students. Helen Friend, Team Leader Art at the school, explained – “During their GCSE and A level Art courses, our art students at Bishop Luffa will produce a wide variety of artwork in a broad range of media; including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, experimental work and research. They will require an extensive range of specialist art materials to enable them to explore new techniques and media, specific to the requirements of the Art GCSE and A level specification. This year we would like to provide our year 10 and 12 students with an essential GCSE / A level Art Starter Kit, which would be a highly cost-effective way of providing these students with a comprehensive range of essential and specialist materials for the start of their GCSE / A level Art courses. These kits will enable students to take ownership of and responsibility for, the materials and equipment they need for the start of these courses and will help to dramatically reduce the wastage and misuse of materials within the art department.”

The society is pleased to be able to sponsor provision of these kits and we look forward to hearing about the impact of this new project.

New Projects with local primary schools in the Chichester area

The society is currently in the process of setting up projects with Boxgrove C E Primary and Parklands Community Primary School.  Details will appear here when the projects are finalised.

1Term2Learn Projects at Parklands Community Primary School and Boxgrove CE Primary School

We were pleased to provide musical tuition during the summer term 2019 at two local primary schools for pupils to learn a new instrument for a term. The project is called 1Term2Learn and was provided by West Sussex Music. The pupils had the loan of an instrument for a term and ten weekly lessons. The Year 5 pupils at Parklands Community Primary learnt the tenor horn and the Year 5 and 6 pupils at Boxgrove CE Primary the B flat clarinet. Both schools were very appreciative of the society funding these, providing an opportunity that the pupils otherwise would not have had. A total of 85 pupils at the two schools benefitted from this experience. Some pupils at both schools have expressed a wish to continue learning a musical instrument. The pupils also expressed their appreciation of having been given this opportunity.

For further details about West Sussex Music and the Chichester Music Centre, click here to visit their website - 

Parklands Community Primary School –

Boxgrove C of E Primary School –

Combined Young Arts Project with West Sussex Music

We were pleased to join forces with the other two local Arts Societies, Chichester and Lavant Valley, to set up a new combined project. The societies provided funding for the Summer Concert of the Chichester Music Centre, part of West Sussex Music, held on July 6th 2019 at St Paul’s Church, Chichester. The concert involved over 130 young musicians having the opportunity to perform in a variety of ensembles and to showcase their musical skills.

Emily Alexander the Lead Teacher at the Centre reported that “On Saturday 6th July, St Paul’s Church was brought to life by over 130 musicians for Chichester Music Centre’s Summer Concerts. With full audiences for both concerts, musicians from as young as 5 years old took to the stage to give performances with their ensembles, ranging from the Youth Percussion Ensemble playing ‘Samba…lla Turca’ to the Elementary String Orchestra serenading the audience with the traditional ‘Skye Boat Song’. Every Saturday Chichester Music Centre opens its doors to over 150 young musicians, offering them weekly instrumental lessons, theory classes and ensemble rehearsals on a diverse range of instruments, as well as performance opportunities throughout the year.”  Please click here for a photo of the concert.

The three societies will again be supporting the work of the Chichester Music Centre for a further year. Funding will be used for The 2020 Summer Concert as last year and a Young Musicians Showcase.

The Concert will be at St Paul’s Church, Chichester on Saturday June 27th 2020 with the strings at 12 noon and wind and percussion at 2.30pm. The Young Musicians Showcase will be held at Chichester High School on Saturday July 4th in the afternoon. This will give approximately 15/20 selected students experience of a more formal solo experience.

More information about West Sussex Music and the Chichester Music Centre can be found here -

Bishop Luffa School

The year 9 printing project that the society sponsored is now complete. The school has provided a fabulous presentation of the work the year 9 pupils have been doing which you can find here

Helen Friend ,Team Leader Art at Bishop Luffa  School said " We can't thank the Arts Society enough for providing us with the funds for this project. The year 9 pupils have really enjoyed the printing process and it has been  really inspiring watching how their skills and understanding have developed as they have experimented with this new technique. I do hope that you like the presentation, where we have tried to give you a very brief over view of how the project has developed, from the pupil’s  initial drawings to their final prints."

The final prints are stunning!

The Royal Society of British Artists

For the second year running Bishop Luffa School was successful in having a piece of work chosen for the RBA's 2019 Exhibition in London.  Only 21 pieces of work were chosen for exhibition from 247 submissions by 36 societies. It was a great achievement for Francesca Krum and the staff in the art department at the school. The piece entitled 'Rob' is a very detailed biro drawing. 

This and other works submitted by Bishop Luffa School to the RBA can be seen in the gallery.

Sponsorship of West Dean Student

During the 2018/19 academic year a student at the college was sponsored as part of Sussex Area Young Arts. Samuel Matthews studied on the Historic Craft Practices Furniture Course and his summer term 2019 report can be found here.

Bishop Luffa School

The society sponsored a project at the school during the spring term 2018 entitled ‘Fantastical Masks’. It was a mask making project for all year 9 pupils.  Click here for a presentation showing some of the fantastic work done by the students.

Joint Young Arts Project Between the Local Arts Societies and the Cass Sculpture Foundation

The combined 2 year project has come to an end in 2018 and 148 students and pupils have been given the opportunity to visit the archives. It has proved to be an extremely worthwhile project for schools and colleges in the Chichester area.

Bourne Community College – Following the Year 11 students’ visit, Mrs Charlie Cluff , Head of Art and Design at the college said – “We had a fantastic day at Goodwood Sculpture Park. The students enjoyed the archives and this experience really enriched and informed their experience of the park.The year 11 students spent a long day at Goodwood and following the archives tour students were set tasks to record observations through photography and drawing. They also took photographs with compositions that mimic specific artists to inform and personalise their work back at school – artists included Liz Myhill and Helen Musslewhite, Blossfelt and Penn.
A huge thank you all for your support, enabling my students to have richer learning experiences and access to the wider world of art and artists. One student commented that it was ‘really good to see how real artists work’”.

Bishop Luffa School – A group of year 12 art ‘A’ level students visited at the beginning of their course and as part of their follow up work they will be developing and recording their ideas in sketchbooks and making their own maquettes.

Chichester College
For a second year, a group of Btec Level 3 students visited the archive to support their assignment entitled ‘Response’ which focusses on sculpture and public art. As a development from last year the students are being asked to design a sculpture for a site at CASS. This is part of an Arts Council bid by CASS and will include making maquettes and a professional presentation at CASS in February. At the students’ presentation on February 2nd you could really see the benefit in the students’ maquettes and their critical thinking. They all spoke very clearly about their ideas, methods of making and ideas of placement in the grounds.

Fishbourne C E Primary School

During the autumn term 2017 the society sponsored a collaborative art installation project for the school’s entrance hall based on the book by Linda Kranz and entitled ‘Only one you’. This was a whole school project supported by the ceramicist James Ort. The story epitomised all the school stands for as a learning community. Their aim is to welcome every unique, young person at their personal starting point whatever that may be and to nurture them during the seven years they spend at the school. The installation comprises 213 ceramic fish that create a shoal in the entrance hall. Each of the fish is entirely unique and individual, created by each of the children at the school and brought together to create a stunning, ever-evolving piece. As children arrive at the school, they will be presented with a copy of the story and in a piece of partnership work between parent and child they will create their fish which will in turn join the shoal. Meanwhile, as they leave our school, they will be presented with their fish to take on the next step of their journey.

‘Only One Me’ was launched on Monday October 16th with a whole school assembly introducing the book by Linda Krantz and the ceramicist James Ort. James showed the children some examples of his work. During the rest of his day in school he ran two workshops making and decorating the fish. The 14 children in each group were from all the age groups in the school. These children became ambassadors to teach the rest of the children how to make their fish.

The ‘Only One You’ project is now complete and the school has a stunning display of fishes produced by all the children in the school’s entrance hall. ‘Only One You’ is now the school’s motto and there are lots of fish on the school’s newly relaunched website. This has been an extremely worthwhile project involving the whole school and they are extremely grateful for the financial support that the society was able to give the school.

CASS Project Year 1

During the spring term 2017 three primary schools visited the archives at the Cass Foundation. Ten KS2 pupils from Chidham Primary School visited as part of the school’s arts week. Four year 6 pupils from Funtington Primary School visited to explore an arts organisation as part of their Arts Award Explore and will be including this in their individual arts log. Fifteen KS2 pupils from Singleton Primary School have also visited. The project has to date enabled over 50 students/pupils to visit the archives.

Chichester College students were the first group to take advantage of the local DFAS groups’ sponsorship of visits to the Cass Sculpture Foundation Archive. The twenty two Btec Level 3 students are in the second year of their Extended Diploma Art and Design. The visit to the archive supported their current assignment entitled ‘Respect our Environment’ which focuses on designing a public art sculpture for the college environment. As part of this, the students will make a maquette of their design together with supporting paperwork including siting the sculpture, costings and a contract. The visit to the archive gave them an insight into how this process is achieved by professional sculptors, as well as using the maquettes in the archive as a source of inspiration and ideas for their own projects. The value of this to the students was expressed by Maria Smith from the College as follows:

Thank you very much for your interest in the students’ work. They have studied two units, one about Public Art and one about Sculpture. The criterion are very specific, especially in terms of professional practice and the commissioning process. To be able to visit the Cass archives and see the commissioning process in a real setting is very valuable. To be able to see the artist’s drawings, maquettes and impressions and to talk with the curators is priceless! Such a real and valid learning experience for my class and a trip they will always remember. I know the work at Cass really inspired them. It is very inspirational for the students to see the huge variety of work and in so many different materials, techniques and processes. I also think the archive of drawings is incredibly inspirational and it is important for the students to see the diverse range of approaches to visual recording. I was so happy that NAFDAS could sponsor our visit – without their financial assistance we would not have been able to go.

The students have now completed their assignment and here are a few of the finished maquettes of their designs.

Funtington Primary School

‘The Funtington Footprints’ project at Funtington Primary School has been ably led by local artist Rosie Hewitt. During the spring term she has led a series of sessions at the school designing and making six large clay footprints to represent Respect, Caring, Independence, Persevere, Safety , Best – ‘The Funtington Footprints’. The finished footprints are now displayed at the entrance to the school following their unveiling on May 5th. This has been an extremely worthwhile project that has involved the whole school community. Working with Rosie Hewitt was a fantastic opportunity for the school. She was extremely inspirational for the children and they gained much from the experience. The finished footprints look really striking on the school’s entrance wall and the children are really proud of their contributions. The impact of the project on the whole school is best described in the words of the pupils themselves.
“It helped to develop our creativity and our skills.”
“We all did a bit, no-one was left out.”
“Everyone took part and we were able to help others.”
“Working with a real artist helped us get better at art.”
“We were learning to use different tools.”
“It was good to work as a team – we had ownership of our footprint.”
“Everyone had fun and learnt something new.”
“I really enjoyed it.”
“We were doing something with a purpose.”
The school expressed their gratitude for the society’s financial support which enabled this project to take place.

 Birdham C.E. Primary School

The society sponsored two arts projects at Birdham.  Year 6 pupils experienced painting on canvas for the first time. They learnt about pointillism and the artist Seurat. They produced three large group paintings for display in school. Years 4 and 5 pupils  designed a new welcome sign for the school to be made out of clay tiles, basing their design on The Owl and the Pussycat.

The children have enjoyed the experience of using clay in a collaborative project and the school is very grateful for the sponsorship by the society which has made this possible.

The three large pointillism paintings are finished too and displayed in the school.

Chidham Primary School

Chidham’s artist in residence day sponsored by the society was very successful. The artist Paul Priestley led the day which focussed on Kandinsky and abstract art for the years 4,5 and 6 pupils. Kandinsky’s life and techniques were explored by the pupils in various ways. The day concluded with the pupils painting in the style of Kandinsky. The school appreciated the society’s funding which enabled the pupils to have this amazing experience.

West Wittering Primary School

West Wittering’s production of The Lion King on March 9th and 10th 2016 was a great success. Sponsorship from the society enabled the school to buy a variety of creative materials. These were used for the set, props, decorating the church and to enhance the children’s costumes. The school were very appreciative of our support which made this a successful production and a special, enjoyable experience for those who took part.